Team App

Golden Lake Park Campground's Event Notification App

If you are interested in receiving notifications about the GLP Calendar of Events, upcoming activities, changes to the schedule, etc., simply click on the Team App Logo to sign up!

1. Download the Team App to your device (android, iPhone, iPad)
2. Sign up using your email address and name.
3. Verify your new account through your email.
4. Open App and search for the "Golden Lake Park Campground" Team.
5. Click on the GLPCA Access Group button.


Make sure Notifications are turned on in your phone settings (please note that this process varies a little between versions of iOS):

1. Go back to “Settings” (from your home screen) and select "Notifications"
2. Scroll down until you see "Team App"
3. Make sure that the "Alert Style" is set to either "Banners" or "Alerts".
4. While on that screen, also make sure you turn on all other options.